“All the work they have done for me has been to a very high standard. Their dedication and professional approach is fantastic. They are very honest and I trust them to make the correct decision every time. Their knowledge of plumbing and electrics is of high standard their behaviour is always polite and helps you out in every emergency known to man.”

Mr. SS, Ealing

“This company has carried out a lot of work for me in installing a new circuit board, testing all the electrics and reconfiguring the wires, fixing plumbing and installing my boiler of our present and previous properties. They work extremely hard and are very punctual and the quality of work is of a very high professional standard. I have recommended them to my sister in law and mother and father and have experience the quality service I have received.”

Mrs. W, Norbury

“As a property manager, I have been using the emergency gas services of T-K Plumbing for many years now, and have always been very happy with their response time and the quality of their service. Most recently we have begun to use the electrical arm of T-K Plumbing & Electrical LTD with a continuing high level of expertise, as seen with their gas service, and a very professional overall service. I would not hesitate to recommend T-K Plumbing & Electrical LTD to any of the general public or more commercial customers.”

Mr RB, Croydon